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Broadway theatre or commonly known as Broadway is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It refers to theatrical performances in over 40 professional theatres all over Lincoln Center and Theater District along Broadway. It represents the highest level of theatrics in the world and is a popular tourist attraction.

Performing arts

Nothing can give you a real adrenalin buzz like being on stage performing and dream of acting, dancing and singing for a living. If you need to develop your skills and build your confidence to the maximum of your ability, there are various performing arts schools and universities that could be a wind in your back and help you to achieve your goal. Performing arts are all about becoming a triple threat performer, very skillful in dancing, singing and acting.

Top three Broadway shows

The Book Of Mormon

If you strongly believe that theater is almost like a religion to you and the Broadway musical could be your sect that you swear your allegiance to, rejoice as The Book Of Mormon is upon you. Coming from the masters of subversive satire and gleefully obscenity, this show is hilarious.

Dear Evan Hansen

The captivating and extraordinarily original musical, Dear Evan Hansen, will give you a performance of the highest caliber, remarkably done in its physical details, beautifully and masterfully sung, sweet and most of all, very funny. Well crafted lyrics are so extremely good combined with more than exciting, magical pop sound.


No one could believe that something like a groundbreaking bridge between musical storytelling and hip-hop will ever be forged but it was. Hamilton, by lyricist and composer star Lin Manuel Miranda, managed to put together this new vision of the old diverse American hystory dressed in the modern age view.

Aladdin on Broadway

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