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The difference between performance art and theatre

Many people do not know but there is an actual difference between theatre and performance. Although theatre is a performing art, the exact difference is in the way of performance. Theatre follows a bit of a different aesthetic than performance.

It is all about drama and drama is usually revolving around a certain story while performance art is more focused on making a statement with impact than with story. With drama, there is always a certain conflict which is the main point of the story.

With performance art, there is no need for the conflict or the story. Performance art is much more focused on shape, tone and color, it is far more visual and aesthetic, dynamic also. What is also important is that performance art usually has an exhibitory nature and it can converge with theatre, most of the time.

There are even examples when one becomes the other and the other way around. The greatest difference is that drama begins with the playwright and performance art begins with the visual artist.